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Why You Should Incorporate Shade Sails in Your Landscape Design

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The Australian sun may be perfect for outdoor barbies and al fresco living, but without any shade, you may find its rays too harsh to spend a considerable amount of time outside. This can be a pity during the summer, especially if you have a large yard to host and entertain friends and family. If erecting a permanent structure is not financially feasible for you, you could consider shade sail installation. Read More»

Is Your Garden Ready For Brisbane's Summer Storm Season?

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Winter is almost over, and that means summer in Brisbane is on its way. As a new resident of Queensland, it is time to learn that along with the beautiful beach days, summer brings violent storms and humidity to the Sunshine State. Getting your garden ready for summer now increases your chances of it still being in one piece once autumn arrives. Here are the three main points you need to know. Read More»

Why a Professional Should Plant Your Trees and Shrubs

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It is usually better to hire a professional landscaper to plant your trees and shrubs instead of doing it yourself. This article discusses some of the key benefits that such a professional brings to the landscaping project. Plant Selection Each region and type of soil has trees and shrubs that can thrive easily under those conditions. You will therefore be sure that the trees and shrubs that are planted in your yard will have a high probability of thriving on your property. Read More»

New Home With A Lawn To Maintain? A Guide To The 3 Main Types Of Lawn Edgers

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Moving into a new home after living in an apartment or townhouse is an exciting time for many people. Along with the extra space and privacy comes maintenance, particularly in the garden. Keeping the lawn tidy and attractive is one of the most important and frequent tasks you’ll have to complete. If you’ve just moved into a new home with a big expanse of lawn, then you have probably purchased a lawn mower for keeping the grass short and manageable. Read More»

Aftercare Tips to Keep a New Turf Lawn Beautiful

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Creating a new lawn or regenerating one that’s not in its best condition can completely transform your outdoor space. Grass immediately gives colour and vitality to gardens, as well as giving you a pleasant surface to walk, sit and play on. Many people opt for having turf laid instead of getting grass seed, planting, waiting to see what happens and then potentially having to do further work. Once it’s done, it’s done — mostly. Read More»

Advice on Maintaining Common Land Together

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In many residential areas of Australia, there can be land which needs to be looked after by the nearby residents in common with one another. Some business communities also have land which needs to be maintained jointly because there is no single owner. The trouble is that all too frequently a leasing organisation or a maintenance firm takes control of the care of all the common land, such as car parks, walkways and gardens, and charges home and premises owners a flat annual fee to do so. Read More»