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New Home With A Lawn To Maintain? A Guide To The 3 Main Types Of Lawn Edgers

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Moving into a new home after living in an apartment or townhouse is an exciting time for many people. Along with the extra space and privacy comes maintenance, particularly in the garden. Keeping the lawn tidy and attractive is one of the most important and frequent tasks you'll have to complete.

If you've just moved into a new home with a big expanse of lawn, then you have probably purchased a lawn mower for keeping the grass short and manageable. Another important garden tool for maintaining immaculate lawns is a lawn edger. Edge trimmers are necessary for trimming along garden beds, footpaths and pavers. They are a more precise tool than a mower and are essential if you want to maintain a neat and attractive garden.

There are many different lawn edgers available to purchase that will all provide the same basic function. The big difference between different models is how the edger is powered. Here is a basic guide to the three main types of lawn edger:

1. Petrol

Most petrol powered lawn edgers run on the same four-stroke fuel as many lawnmowers and trimmers. You'll also need to add oil into the sump to keep the edger's moving parts lubricated. Petrol edgers are powerful tools which give you the ability to work in any location. The downside is, they're also very noisy, so you'll need to wear earplugs to prevent damage to your ear drums.

2. Electric

Electric lawn edgers provide as much power as a petrol model but operate by connecting to a power outlet via a long electrical cord. Electric edgers are much quieter than their petrol-fueled counterparts, but the scope for use is more limited because of the power cord. You'll also need to be very careful that the cord isn't damaged by the edger's blades when you're using it.

3. Manual

A manual edger is the most economical edger type and it's also the quietest. However, it does involve more physical effort to use than the powered edgers. If you don't mind putting in a bit of elbow grease and you don't have a massive area to edge, then a manual edger may be the best option. For larger areas, you might find that a manual edger is too time consuming and laborious.

If you're unsure which lawn edger is the best choice for you, then visit your local landscape supply company. They can talk you through the different options and also show you how to maintain your new edger to keep t operating smoothly and efficiently.