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Why a Professional Should Plant Your Trees and Shrubs

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It is usually better to hire a professional landscaper to plant your trees and shrubs instead of doing it yourself. This article discusses some of the key benefits that such a professional brings to the landscaping project.

Plant Selection

Each region and type of soil has trees and shrubs that can thrive easily under those conditions. You will therefore be sure that the trees and shrubs that are planted in your yard will have a high probability of thriving on your property. You can also be certain that the professional will use his or her expertise to select the healthiest plants from the plant nursery.

Choosing Optimum Locations

Your yard is unlikely to have uniform conditions. For instance, some spots may receive more sunlight during the day than other sections of the yard. Similarly, some sections of your yard may have deeper soils than other sections. A professional landscaper will examine the entire yard and select the best location for each of those trees and shrubs that you would like to plant in the yard.

Appropriate Planting Techniques

Did you know that some plants require their roots to be spread in a certain way during the process of transplanting them? Professional landscapers have the knowledge and the experience to plant the trees and shrubs at the correct depth and in the correct way so that none of those plants will die off. This is usually achieved by using the right tools, unlike homeowners who will often use improvised tools as they plant trees or shrubs on their own.

For example, a professional landscaper may have a handheld soil tester in order to identify what nutrients are missing from the soil in which he or she intends to plant the trees and shrubs. However, a homeowner may rely on the colour of the soil in order to determine the nutritional content of that soil. This can be an unreliable way to determine soil fertility.

Optimum Timing

Another benefit that a professional brings to any landscaping job regards when each plant should be planted. Different trees or shrubs may stand a higher chance of thriving if they are planted in particular seasons of the year. Landscapers usually have extensive knowledge about indigenous and exotic varieties of trees and shrubs. Consequently, he or she will plant each of your chosen trees and shrubs at the most appropriate time of the year.

As you can see, a commercial landscaper brings knowledge and skills that will increase the chance that your landscape will look fabulous once all the trees and shrubs are established. The fee that you pay that individual will pale in comparison to the satisfaction that you will feel when you admire the beautiful yard of your property.