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Is Your Garden Ready For Brisbane's Summer Storm Season?

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Winter is almost over, and that means summer in Brisbane is on its way. As a new resident of Queensland, it is time to learn that along with the beautiful beach days, summer brings violent storms and humidity to the Sunshine State. Getting your garden ready for summer now increases your chances of it still being in one piece once autumn arrives. Here are the three main points you need to know.

Remove Debris

Summer storms bring strong wind gusts, so anything loose in your garden becomes a flying hazard to both people and your property. The first task on your garden cleanup list is getting rid of the dead branches and other debris which has accumulated in your property over winter.

Contact a tree arborist and get them to trim the dead branches off all the trees in your back garden. Watch the tree trimmer carefully while they do this chore so you can attempt it yourself next year. Rake up all leaves and other debris on the ground and put this into the rubbish bin. The goal is to get everything loose off the ground.

Time To Mulch

Mulch is the second chore on your to-do list right now. Mulch is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it keeps moisture in the soil and keeps the soil cool on hot summer days. Additionally, when there is rain, the mulch helps to keep this extra moisture in the soil, so it does not easily evaporate away. Secondly, when you use organic mulch, it breaks down over the summer months and provides nutrients to keep your soil healthy during the following autumn and winter.

Talk to your local landscaper about which type of mulch works best in your garden. They can provide a source for bulk delivered mulch, and can also help redesign your garden beds to make sure they are well protected from the heat of the sun.

Check Your Drainage

Finally, summer storms in Brisbane are notorious for bringing surface flooding with them thanks to the large amount of rain which gets dumped over a short period. Most properties have underground drainage linked to the city sewer system to take the water off your property. Do you know where your drain outlet is? When was the last time you checked whether it was blocked? While you are discussing the supply of mulch with a landscaper, get them to show you where the exit drain pipe on your property is. Then you can ensure all debris is moved away from it before the rain begins.