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5 Reasons to Choose Buffalo Turf for Your Property

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Looking to replace the turf on your property and not sure which variety will best fit your needs? Buffalo turf is a great all-rounder, with benefits ranging from shade and drought tolerance to fast regrowth and the ability to handle saltwater exposure. Keep reading for details on the key benefits of this versatile turf.

1. Good shade tolerance

Buffalo grass is a wide leaf variety, meaning it captures more sunlight than other types of grass. This means that it can handle plenty of time in the shade without starting to discolour. It's great if your property gets a lot of shade from surrounding buildings, trees or other structures. However, like all grass, it will need at least some direct light each day to stay healthy.

2. Good drought tolerance

Buffalo turf has deep roots that use water efficiently, helping it to stay lush and green during dry spells and droughts. If a drought lasts for longer than a week, your grass may start to turn brown. Don't panic if this happens, because the grass has a fast recovery rate once you start watering it again, ensuring that any periods of drought will soon be a distant memory.

3. Can handle saltwater exposure

Live close to the sea or have a saltwater pool in your yard? Unlike other, more sensitive varieties of grass, buffalo turf can handle limited saltwater exposure without damage. However, do bear in mind that it's best to water your grass with fresh, salt-free water.

4. Recovers quickly from wear

Got kids or pets that love to play out on the grass? Luckily for you, buffalo turf withstands wear and tear extremely well. Thanks to the fast growth rate, any worn patches will regrow quickly, keeping your lawn looking lush even when it has to double up as a football pitch or a playground.

5. Dark green colour

As well as being resistant to many of the issues that turn grass brown, buffalo turf has a natural dark green colour that looks great all year long. If you're especially concerned about the winter colour of your grass, opt for one of the new breed varieties of buffalo turf, as these are designed to keep their rich green colour even during the cooler months.

You'll have to live with the turf you choose for a long time, so don't rush into a decision. If you're looking for resilient grass that can withstand both shade and drought, buffalo turf could be perfect for your home.

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