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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Pet-Friendly Lawn Fertilisers

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Balancing keeping your yard beautiful with owning a pet or two isn't always easy. Even if your furry friends are well-behaved and wouldn't dream of ruining your landscaping, you still need to make sure your garden is actually pet-safe. Pet-friendly lawn fertilisers can be a big help, but they're good for more than just keeping your dog or cat healthy. Here are four key reasons why you should call in a residential landscaping service that uses pet-friendly lawn fertiliser.

1. You'll avoid fertiliser poisoning

The most obvious benefit you will get from a pet-friendly lawn fertiliser is the fact that it will not harm your pets. From nibbling on grass to rolling around while playing, dogs and cats get a lot of exposure to your lawn when they're outside. If your fertiliser contains toxins, these can seep through your pet's fur or make it into their stomach, running the risk of making them seriously ill. While many typical fertilisers may pose a danger to your pets, pet-friendly fertilisers are safe. When you use them, your pet can have all the fun in the world in your yard without you having to worry about it getting possibly lethal poisoning.

2. They're better for the environment

Pet-friendly lawn fertilisers also have fewer harmful effects on the environment than standard varieties. Naturally, lawn fertilisers aren't generally harmful to most foliage; after all, they wouldn't be suitable for grass if they were. However, they do still contain toxins and pollutants that can affect neighbouring wildlife or even delicate plants in the nearby area. Alongside being safe for your pets, pet-friendly fertilisers are safe for any other critters who may come across your yard. 

3. They keep your grass healthy

Of course, pet-friendly lawn fertilisers are also great at their intended purpose: keeping your grass luscious and green. Lawn fertiliser is typically chock-full of nutrients that ensure your yard stays healthy and grows well. Many pet-friendly lawn fertilisers are also infused with components that prevent weeds, further keeping your grass beautiful year-round.

4. You'll save money

When your residential landscaping service uses fertiliser that's not safe for pets, you'll likely find yourself fertilising your lawn infrequently to ensure you can keep your dog or cat away from the area until it's safe. Over time, this will lead to poor lawn quality; in turn, you'll need costly interventions to restore the grass to its vibrant and healthy state. With pet-friendly fertiliser, your landscaping company can fertilise your lawn as often as is needed for money-saving maintenance. Plus, toxin-free fertiliser will save you from an expensive vet trip too.

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