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Why You Should Choose Buffalo Grass for Your New Golf Course

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If you are in charge of constructing a new golf course facility in your town or city, then you may have some wonderful, undulating and scenic land to work with, and you are likely looking forward to getting work underway. You will need to take many factors into consideration with this type of project, of course, but you have to pay particular attention to the grass, and especially take into account the nature of the climate. Why should you consider buffalo grass as an option here?

Sustainable Selection

The popularity and success of your golf course will depend almost entirely on the quality and sustainability of the turf that you choose. As you may know, there are several different turf types in use across the country in this situation, including zoysia, bent grass and even synthetic turf. However, buffalo turf has grown to be very popular for a number of different reasons.

Hardy Growth

This type of grass is quite easy to grow, no matter what the predominant weather conditions, and it is also quite easy to maintain. It can come in a variety of types that have been reared to be fine in texture, denser in nature or darker in colour. This grass will take hold quite quickly and establish itself very well from either seed or sod introduction.

Lower Maintenance

Importantly, buffalo grass is not a particularly thirsty variety and will stand up to the rigours of the Australian summer very well. Consequently, you may be able to cut back on your irrigation costs and the size of your climate footprint in the knowledge that the grass will be able to handle heat stress and limited water quite well.

Maintaining Appearance

You will, of course, want your golf course to be as attractive as possible throughout the year and no matter how dry it may become. The good news is that buffalo grass will thrive in this situation and will maintain its colour despite any drought conditions. Even if it does become dormant due to a prolonged and severe drought, it can recover its original colour very quickly and will soon grow back to its former glory.

Making Your Selection

Talk with your landscaping supplier and learn more about the benefits of buffalo grass for your facility. You may be able to seed all your fairways and adjoining rough with this particular species and present a facility that attracts even the most critical golfer in your State. Contact a provider of buffalo turf near you today in order to learn more.