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Landscape Supplies | 3 Tips To Mulch Your Soil For Growing Healthy Plants

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Landscape supplies like mulch generally consist of tree bark, decaying leaves and compost spread around soil to enrich and insulate it. Mulching prevents the top surface of the soil from drying out by preserving water and essential nutrients in it. Mulching also blocks the formation of weeds, which can destroy your plants because they compete for nutrients and moisture. With so many benefits, you'll naturally want to mulch your soil for growing healthy plants by following these tips.

Choose Mulch Material Most Suitable To Your Goal

The first thing you need to do is to choose mulch material most suitable to your ultimate gardening goal. For example, if you're looking to control the growth of weeds, then soil shading should be your top priority because weeds require light for germination. Chunky organic mulches like bark chips and straw and inorganic mulches like newspaper are effective for blocking sunlight from the soil and reducing evaporation ­­–– helping to prevent weed growth more easily. In many cases, a combination of organic and inorganic mulches works best for preventing the growth of weeds in gardens.

Make Sure Your Mulch Is Adequately Thick

You will naturally want mulch to be thick enough to prevent weed growth, reduce evaporation and retain moisture in the soil. Your mulch thickness will need to be at least a few inches to be effective. Thicker mulch also takes longer to decompose, so you won't have to keep mulching your soil more often than you like. Before spreading mulch using landscape supplies like rakes and shovels, make sure you have sufficient mulch quantities to spread over the soil surface without compromising on thickness. When applying mulch with landscape supplies like rakes, make sure you create a uniform layer by spreading it out over your soil surface as evenly as possible. 

Know How To Acquire Mulch

Many people produce their own mulch from garden waste, so you could probably create enough for your lawn needs. Apart from creating your own mulch, there are some easy ways to obtain mulch in your neighbourhood. For example, you can obtain free mulch by offering to clean lawn waste of other households. You can also check with local tree services for picking up tree barks, trimmings and branches. If none of these are options, you simply need to purchase organic or inorganic mulch bags from a nursery near you.

Landscape supplies like mulch are vital for growing healthy plants, so make sure you follow these clever mulching tips.