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Three Simple Considerations for Engaging a Land Surveyor

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There are different elements that you must be evaluated and analysed before purchasing land or property. By doing so, you can make certain that the investment will be profitable for the potential application. Generally, you can perform preliminary research on the pertinent plot to determine is suitability in terms of location, zoning and sizing. However, you will still require professional assistance in examination of land for in-depth and accurate reports. In simple terms, you should engage a land surveyor for expert assessment. They will measure the boundaries, research the legal details and inform you of any easements and rights of way. Here are the critical factors to consider before engaging the right land surveyors.

Survey Specialty

The most important aspect to consider before hiring an ideal land surveyor is the license. This will protect you from scammers and unqualified people who cannot be held liable for their work. In addition, it is important to consider the specialty field in which your preferred expert is experienced. Generally, there are no special licenses for different fields, but you can request for references on projects that are similar to yours. For instance, some land surveyors will focus on fields such as topographic surveys, construction layout, land development and even mapping. If you need to resolve boundary disputes before starting construction, you should hire a land surveyor who is experienced with boundary surveys.


You should not engage a land surveying firm before understanding their insurance situation. There are certain risks involved in the assessment of the property, and a good insurance cover will protect you from the associated financial repercussions. Professional liability insurance is an important policy that you should inquire about when hiring the surveyor. This will protect you against the mistakes that the land surveyor might make when providing the service. You should also confirm that the company has worker's liability insurance. This policy is important because there are hazards in the surveying process. For example, the workers might fall and sustain significant injuries while doing visual surveys. This cover will compensate for the medical expenses and lost wages.

Modern Equipment

Finally, you should ensure that the land surveyor has the right equipment to carry out the assessment of the property. This is an important aspect because the equipment will determine the quality of the reports provided after the survey. Ideally, the surveyor should have machinery with global positioning systems, robotic surveying and computer aided drawing. This ensures that you will have electronic copies of the maps and reports.