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4 Other Types Of Equipment You Need To Consider When Seeking Excavator Services

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Are you planning to hire an excavator from a company like Scott Devereaux Excavations Pty Ltd for some excavation or land clearing service? In most cases, excavators go hand in hand with other earthmoving machinery. These are equipment that complement the work of the excavators, thus enabling the contractor at hand to complete the job on time and to the required specifications. Depending on what project you're handling, therefore, you might want to consider the following equipment as well:


There are a number of attachments that can be used together with an excavator to help complete the job at hand safely and efficiently. The specific excavator attachments needed for your applications will depend on the nature of the work itself. For example, if excavating deep into the ground for a swimming pool installation or building construction, then you might need a drill bit attachment. This attachment will allow the contractor to dig through the bedrock. If conducting a simple site clearing task for landscaping purposes or pre-construction, a claw attachment might be needed to allow the contractor to collect vegetation and debris from the site. Other excavator attachments that might be needed during an excavator hire include rock crushers, grading blades, and many others.

Backfilling machinery

For simple excavation projects like trenching or soak well installations, an excavator is usually adequate enough to handle the backfilling process that follows thereafter. However, for larger excavation jobs like property construction, added machinery is needed to help return the huge mound of earth back into the excavated pit. These include backfilling machinery such as dozers or back loaders.

Earth removal machinery

In other cases, you might want to consider if earth obtained through the excavation process will need to be carted away. This is usually the case where the excavated area will not need to be filled with the dug earth. Common examples include property construction or the installation of swimming pools and septic tanks. In such cases, earth removal trucks are needed on site after the excavation process is complete.


If the earth obtained from the excavation process has to be returned to the ground, you may then need compacters to reclaim the land by flattening the site back to its normal level. Compacting helps to avoid ground settling later on, a process that can be disastrous should anything be constructed over the site. Compacting is therefore vital for sites that need to be paved, e.g. driveways, patios, parking lots, etc. To make this happen different compactors such as vibrating plates or drum rollers are used.

Does your project require any of the above? If so, discuss your project needs with your equipment supplier to ensure you have all the machinery you need for the job ahead.