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3 Important Questions For The Turf Supplier

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There are a number of advantages associated with having a turf area within the residential landscape. Top on the list of these advantages is that a well-maintained turf area increases the curb appeal of one's residence, thereby increasing the market value of the home/property

Because turf supply companies often stock similar products from the same manufacturers or from the same turf farms, it may not be very easy for the average homeowner to know which turf supplier she or he should do business with. Discussed below are answers to three important questions that homeowners should ask when looking to invest in a residential turf. 

Is The Supplier Registered With Any Professional Associations?

One of the best ways to separate the wheat from the chaff when choosing between turf suppliers is to check whether a supplier is registered with any of the relevant professional associations. For example, it would be ideal to shop from a natural turf supplier who is a member of the Turf Growers Association of Australia. Membership with the mentioned association is an indication that the supplier in question abides by the code of ethics spelt out for growers of natural turf and that she or he is serious about the quality standards set out for those plying this trade.

Membership with professional associations also often guarantees that the supplier in question is up-to-date with the latest trends in turf growing or turf manufacture (in the case of artificial turfs).

Who Is Responsible For Turf Installation?

In the ideal situation, suppliers should have in-house staff charged with the responsibility of undertaking turf installations. This allows the supplier to offer turf installation as an after sales service at no extra cost to the client.

 However, a large number of suppliers delegate the duty of installation to independent third-party sub-contractors in a bid to save on the cost of permanently retaining the services of in-house professionals.

Similarly, some turf suppliers will have their clients fully responsible for turf installation. Asking this question will help to avoid unpleasant surprises when the time comes for turf installation.

What About Product Warranty?

This question is especially important for homeowners looking to invest in an artificial turf. The product warranty is the only way to guarantee that the turf will exhibit the expected performance. In the event of anything contrary, the product warranty provides an avenue through which affected homeowners can seek redress.

Homeowners should be sure to get answers to the above questions before making any payments to a turf supplier.