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Improved Landscaping | Excellent Ways To Boost Your Yard Appearance

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What do you experience when you stare at your yard? Are you really satisfied by the way it looks, or do you feel like there's just a little bit of something missing out there, and you can't quite figure out what it is? Worry no more. Here is an article that offers some great tips on how you can add that extra touch to your lawn.

Use synthetic grass

This is artificial, synthetic grass made up of polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon. These materials are very durable, enabling the grass to last up to 20 years. Since it does not require water and is evergreen, you may want to use it to add more colour and life to your front yard. In addition, you can also patch it up in certain patterns along your walkways for more design.

 Add some height

For a more appealing landscaping, you may want to anchor a living wall and probably put up hanging baskets. You can do this by simply stacking up cinder blocks. Living walls, also known as vertical planters, are a type of urban farming whereby flowers and succulents are planted on a wall. They are very space conservative because less ground is required. Hanging baskets are containers made of wood or wire that are used to hold plants hung up for decorative purposes. This gives your plants better soil aeration and drainage. When combined with the living wall, they really expose your flowers and bring out more colour of your yard from even longer distances.

Use stone to tone

One of the best ways to landscape is by using stone. For instance, instead of just using gravel for making paths and walkways, you may want to consider decorative concrete. This is special concrete made with colour and pattern enhancements for decorative purposes. Due to its beauty, you may opt to arrange this in various design patterns around plants or even on open grass for more appeal. For more artistic landscaping, you can also use sculptured stones by arranging them along your driveway and walkways.

Adopt seasonal planting

Your garden doesn't have to look good only during spring, it can also appeal throughout the year. However, you can achieve this only by planting appropriate plants for different seasons. For example, you may plant water resistant plants like hydrangea and impatiens during summer. In addition, you can also use plants that do well in the extreme cold like winterberry, rosemary, and Lenten rose for winter.