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When Is It Time to Invest in A New Lawn Mower?

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When you purchase a lawnmower, the last thing you are thinking of is replacing it, as lawnmowers tend to be workhorses. Few homeowners will keep tabs on the functionality of their lawnmower, as they are under the impression that this equipment is invulnerable to eventual damage, but this is grossly incorrect. The reality is that, just like other types of equipment, lawnmowers require professional maintenance on occasion if they are to function at optimum. Read More»

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Pet-Friendly Lawn Fertilisers

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Balancing keeping your yard beautiful with owning a pet or two isn’t always easy. Even if your furry friends are well-behaved and wouldn’t dream of ruining your landscaping, you still need to make sure your garden is actually pet-safe. Pet-friendly lawn fertilisers can be a big help, but they’re good for more than just keeping your dog or cat healthy. Here are four key reasons why you should call in a residential landscaping service that uses pet-friendly lawn fertiliser. Read More»

4 Choices For Organic Fertilisers To Add Nutrients To Poor Soils And Boost Your Harvest

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One of the problems that you may have with a vegetable garden is soil that has few nutrients and is difficult to cultivate. Therefore, you may need to add material to the soil to help improve the quality and give plants the nutrients they need to survive. If you want to prepare your vegetable garden soil without chemicals, you should look for good natural fertilisers. The following organic fertilisers are the choices that some soil suppliers may offer to give poor garden soil the right nutrients without using harsh chemicals: Read More»