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What perennials are easy to take care of?

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If you want a beautiful garden, but are new to plants and flowers, you might want to start with perennials. There are a variety of perennials that are easy to grow and take care of without the long-term commitment that comes with annuals. Here are some perennials that are easy for anyone to take care of.


A popular perennial to plant in your garden that is also easy to take care is of a coneflower. The coneflower plant has purple blooms traditionally, though there are many varieties in other colours, such as pink, yellow, blue, and white. Coneflowers should be planted in the fall and spring in order to bloom in the summer season. The plant requires deadheading in order to get the blooms. Aside from deadheading, not much needs to be done with these flowers.


A beautiful and popular flower is the peony, which also happens to be a perennial that requires very little care and maintenance. This is an excellent flower to begin with if you are just starting out with growing flowers and plants in your own backyard. Peonies are not only beautiful, but very fragrant, so you will smell these lovely flowers every time you walk past them. Peonies bloom in the spring and summer seasons and grow best when remaining in one spot in the yard.

Black-Eyed Susan

The black-eyed Susan is a bright yellow flower that looks similar to a daisy. It is a perennial that blooms between the summer and fall seasons after being planted in the spring or early summer. You will find these flowers with either bright yellow or orange petals. These perennials can be planted from the seed and bloom the first year after planting them. They only need occasional watering and not much pruning to keep them growing healthy.

Bearded Iris

If you want a larger flower in your garden that is easy to care for, consider planting bearded iris bushes. These are very easy to grow and keep healthy with minimal maintenance. The bearded iris has large white and yellow petals with some pink near the center. They will grow in the summer or fall and, like annuals, may return to bloom the following season. They also have beautiful foliage during the seasons when no blooms are growing. They grow best when divided into quarters each year.

Consult your local landscaping expert about more perennials that will be easy to take care of.